Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grinding and Beating

There would be something so quaint and comfortable-feeling about these meat grinders if I could get mince and sausage pictures out of my mind. Well, my sister likes them. And they are interesting. 

 And these beaters all look well-loved. They make me want to bake. Can you imagine all the cakes that were produced by their whirring? Birthday cakes, last minute desserts, whipped cream for Christmas trifles, you name it, these beaters have seen the best and worst of them all. I feel an apron moment coming on.....


  1. What a great look to use the meat grinders as "window treatments." Very clever and unique. And that is quite the collection! Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope to hear from you again!

  2. so amazing...
    What a mighty collection...
    Love old beaters...
    I does make you want to bake...

  3. Very interesting post. I love how you have your baking things displayed. Right at hand, as it were.

    Thanks for your visit. It must have been my fresh tomatoes that drew you to my blog!