Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little Lamb and the Miniatures

We are sure that someone loved this little lamb (as if you couldn’t). He’s a bit worn, as all really-loved things should be, I think. He’s even got a seat, so really little ones don’t have to balance on Lambie.

The dolly was given to her by another avid collector. She has some friends: 

Last but not least, my sister loves miniature things (as do I) and this little collection sits in her bedroom, just because. The little silver (robot? tin man?) was given to her by one of her boys because they thought it should belong in the collection. (As if you could turn down an offer like that).

They decided to take a dip into her button collection. Through the warm colourful waves they floated……  

(Is there anyone alive who doesn’t appreciate a good button collection?)