Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Riding along on my pushbike honey

This little old bicycle is such a treasure we wish it was big enough for us to ride on. I think perhaps the old picnic basket could be strapped to the back of a bigger one and the whole family could go off on a Sunday afternoon outing, each on their own matching bicycle. A lake or river is mandatory, as is green grass and dappled sunlight. The mother should be wearing a skirt, and the picnic basket is blue or red and white checked.

I am sure that someone learnt to ride on this little bike. Perhaps it had training wheels attached to it at some stage. It didn’t have a bell, but the owner would have wanted one that loudly and satisfyingly ‘dddrrrrrringg’-ed when they rang it, flying down hills and round corners. Maybe that was on their next bike :).

This next little treasure I don’t think had any practical use and is purely for the owner’s decorating (read: amassing clutter) pleasure. There’s something very sweet about it anyway. Whimsical, even.

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