Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grinding and Beating

There would be something so quaint and comfortable-feeling about these meat grinders if I could get mince and sausage pictures out of my mind. Well, my sister likes them. And they are interesting. 

 And these beaters all look well-loved. They make me want to bake. Can you imagine all the cakes that were produced by their whirring? Birthday cakes, last minute desserts, whipped cream for Christmas trifles, you name it, these beaters have seen the best and worst of them all. I feel an apron moment coming on.....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Riding along on my pushbike honey

This little old bicycle is such a treasure we wish it was big enough for us to ride on. I think perhaps the old picnic basket could be strapped to the back of a bigger one and the whole family could go off on a Sunday afternoon outing, each on their own matching bicycle. A lake or river is mandatory, as is green grass and dappled sunlight. The mother should be wearing a skirt, and the picnic basket is blue or red and white checked.

I am sure that someone learnt to ride on this little bike. Perhaps it had training wheels attached to it at some stage. It didn’t have a bell, but the owner would have wanted one that loudly and satisfyingly ‘dddrrrrrringg’-ed when they rang it, flying down hills and round corners. Maybe that was on their next bike :).

This next little treasure I don’t think had any practical use and is purely for the owner’s decorating (read: amassing clutter) pleasure. There’s something very sweet about it anyway. Whimsical, even.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little Lamb and the Miniatures

We are sure that someone loved this little lamb (as if you couldn’t). He’s a bit worn, as all really-loved things should be, I think. He’s even got a seat, so really little ones don’t have to balance on Lambie.

The dolly was given to her by another avid collector. She has some friends: 

Last but not least, my sister loves miniature things (as do I) and this little collection sits in her bedroom, just because. The little silver (robot? tin man?) was given to her by one of her boys because they thought it should belong in the collection. (As if you could turn down an offer like that).

They decided to take a dip into her button collection. Through the warm colourful waves they floated……  

(Is there anyone alive who doesn’t appreciate a good button collection?)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ghost of Picnics Past

This one obviously had a history. The plates are worn, but not too worn, every piece is there, the flasks have provided for many cups of tea or coffee. There is even a little compact 2-in-1 salt & pepper set.

I wonder if it saw the beach or the mountains? Whether it travelled far, went fishing or on summer holidays? Or was this a weekend-picnicker? A family, on a picnic blanket or a table. With a dog, or maybe not. Packed up in the back of a station wagon, or was it a caravan? Salads or sandwiches. Cakes or biscuits. Sausages on a barbecue, cold meat in an esky. Orange cordial, fruitcake, pie. Mosquitoes & flies. Can't you just see the memories? I can just smell picnic.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It started with the lion

It started with the lion. Well, her collecting didn't. Her opshop bargains, garage sale pounces, market gems, gifts and occasional lavish offerings by friends and strangers have been going on for years.

She was sure that surely someone else would appreciate her magnificent lion plate, the one that she loved so much she almost choked / cried when she saw it, and that it just needed to be appreciated and beloved. Alas it only found one other admirer, in a sister (me, to be exact). Well, the kind of rapturous delight it called for, anyway.

So, this is a blog-by-proxy, for my internet-deprived and non-internet-savvy sibling. Who also wishes to sort of remain anonymous and wants her collection of prize finds to be adored by an appreciative general public, but to remain her secret special collection all the same :)

Or in any case that the lion might find at least one other admirer to appreciate his loveliness.

(Does the lion not bring to your mind the song 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' (except he's a good lion, this one), or a childhood story I loved called 'The Lion in the Meadow'. You should really get a hold of that one:) )